Casey and Viki Meyerding Music leaders and Prayer Warriors   who travel with the team and help out in the twin cities.

Casey is a very talented musician who plays stringed instruments to trumpets. Viki is a prayer warrior and motivational speaker who has a heart for all nations.

Casey is from down south and has traveled all over helping out with tent revivals and also has original songs. Both are very encouraging and have a heart for Native Americans.

Amelia Flores is another Elder Leader. She does the majority of the administration for Native Missions. Amelia overcame so many things as a Mexican Women who is handicapped and is also a abuse survivor,

Amelia was a Director for a in-patient treatment center for veterans for 2 Decades. she was a Licsensed Drug counselor and has a Batchlors degree in family and social science

Amelia helps in so many different capacities, she loves the Lord and goes on the majority outreaches as well.

Dave and Brenda Palmer from Winter Wisconsin. Dave is one of the Founding leaders who has been vital to helping start this movement.

Dave is a Instructer- trainer for Native Missions Archery and has been working in archery the past 6 years. Dave is also a mentor to many and is all about Disciple making. Dave also introduced the Keystone project, a Ministry Center focused on Disciples making Disciples, and coordinated a Native focused program dealing with issues in native country.  . Brenda is a powerful women of God who mentors young women and encourages through Christ. They own a resort/ Ministry center- Barkers Lake Lodge, located in Winter Wisconsin.

Open Arms Native Missions was founded by Fred and Sonia Carroll in 2016. Fred who is Mdewakanton Dakota, and Chippewa out of Grand Portage has a passion for bringing the Indigenous people of this continent, Hope through our Creator, Wakan Takan His Great Spirit and His Son Yeshua.

Sonia has a heart for people and their needs. Clothing, Food , Supplies to name a few. Through Giving it opens up the door to building a relationship. Both having a addiction backround, our spirituality that could transform not only Fred and Sonia but Their children as well.

Now the Family has multiple ministries such as youth Led by Savannah and Gabriella Carroll,Native Missions, led by Fred and Sonia Carroll. 

LeAnn Radel has a heart for Young expecting Mothers and Native Missions. She has been a huge help with sourcing supplies, clothes, and has been a bridge with other organizations, she has been on the front line ministering, sorting clothes, clothing distributions and sharing her experience. LeAnn has been in the field with us on the communities we serve. We give thanks to the Creator for her servants heart

Open Arms Native Missions

Open Arms Native Missions

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Many Nations - One Tribe ​

Ralph and Carol Papaquash also leaders and volunteers Both travel the Midwest with the team. Ralph and Carol are a part of the worship team and counsel people who need encouragement.Ralph is from sasqatchuwan Canada. He is also a boarding school survivor. Both have overcame addiction and serve the Our Creator

Ralph owns a roofing company and is a talented muscian, Carol sings and works with the Women Ministry as well.

Jeannie Ross Has a passion for her community and is helping with the Tiowakan, and goes on outreach as well. Jeannie has overcame so much in her life and has the desire to bring our people to the Kingdom through mentoring and building trusting relationships, to guide people to the path of Jesus. Jeannie is also a big part of the improvements at Open Arms. She has a kind heart and is a strong leader.

Kathy "Blue" Talbert works for I.C.W,A, Indian Child Welfare Act. She is on the front lines witnessing a very big problem that our people are facing, Child Abandonment. 

 Kathy is one of our leaders. She helps Minister at the Tiowakan,  helps with planning Events, and helps with the Women Ministry. She travels the Midwest with the team to give testimony of what God has done in her life.

Kathy is Dakota from Granite Falls upper Sioux Reservation, She is a gifted Story teller and also knows God is that Hope needed in Indian Country.  

Deb Blair from the Rogers area is a big help to the Ministry Deb works with Native Youth through Indian Education, Deb oversees the Elk River School district. She has a good and kind heart who is always helping us in several different capacities. She was instrumental in introducing Native Missions Archery to Indian Education and we are now serving two Districts, Elk River, and Anoka-Hennipen.  Deb knows what problems our urban youth go through, Loss of Identity is one, Deb works with and introduces language and culture to the Native youth

Rose "kills enemy" Kramer, Is one of our elder leaders. She is a boarding school survivor, and helps with healing of spiritual abuse.

Rose goes on the majority of outreaches helping with clothe giveaways, Planning services on the communites we serve

Rose is Lakota from the Rosebud Reservation,she is a survivor of the many things, Native Women are dealing with today.