Ralph Papaquash Vice President

Ralph is Ojibwe from Alberta Canada a Reserve in sasqatchuan, He has a Roofing and contracting business and has a heart for helping people. Ralph now resides in Andover Minnesota and helps pull trailers and is a gifted guitar player, He has been traveling to reservations for twenty plus years and sees the brokeness of our people.

Sharon Flores Secretary 

Sharon has has a backround in housing mortgages, and finance. she is retired from working in north Minneapolis. she is also a talented seamstress and enjoys making crafts and selling them for support of the building. She travels to Red Lake where she enjoys working the giveaways.

Kathy "Blue" Talbert Treasurer

Kathy is Sisseton, Wahpeton Dakota from Upper Sioux. She is a retired ICWA worker who has seen the child abandonment up close. she traveled the tristate area making sure Native youth were being taken care of. She has a heart for the youth, and is a vital part to operations 

Jeannie Ross Board Member

Jeannie Ross is Mdewakanton Dakota from the Shakopee reservation She enjoys putting together Kits for the family and is a leader in our organization 

Ken Thomas Board Member

Ken is Mdewakanton Dakota from the Shakopee reservation.

Ken has a background in production and business, Ken helps supply the water we bring to Pine Ridge and Rosebud where the water is at times not safe to drink.  

Casey Meyerding Board Member

Casey has a background in Music. He plays multiple instruments from string instruments to horns and piano. he is a gifted song writer and is in charge of our musical events. he travels and pulls trailers to the reservations.

Fred Carroll Jr. Founder and President

Fred is Mdewakanton Dakota and Chippewa out of Grand Portage. Fred has a Background in Small Business and Administration. He has been traveling to Reservations Since 2012 building relationships and helping communities in need. He is the Spiritual Leader at the Tiowakan in Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community and a leader of Open Arms, Located in St. Paul