Open Arms Native Missions

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Due to the COVID pandemic that is of global proportions. We are limiting our traveling outreaches due to the risk of infection. We do not want anybody to contract the virus and we do not want to either.

Everybody try to limit your travels observe social distance, it makes a difference. God will protect us and He also gave us common sense. Stay safe!


Feeding our communities

in the Spirit and Body


South Dakota

We made a 2nd mission trip this month to Two communities in South Dakota, the reservations are on lock down, but we were able to still deliver to the communities most in need. the community members ask that we do not name the communities


St. Croix Band of Chippewa

Made a new friend at Maple Plains Community located on the St. Croix Band of Chippewa reservation. we were able to bring gifts, and planing Archery events. to the community Recreation Center.



Community Giveaway

Red Lake

Band of Chippewa

we returned to Red Lake, the need is great so far we have been able to take one load a month. we could not do this without the support of all the people that have a heart for this ministry mission. this one was in Redby, Next we will be going to Ponemah, keep us in your prayers for safe travels! 

Many Nations - One Tribe ​

 2020 Month of May

Open Arms Native Missions