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Saint Paul

Our community outreach is growing! across the street from us is low income housing, and we have been trying to build relationship with families for years. they have a large Hmong population in that complex. They have been coming  every giveaway. We have started doing weekly giveaways. If you know of any Hmong Pastors please have him contact us. we have to break that language barrier 

Many Nations - One Tribe ​



Lower Sioux

 We were able to participate in a youth summit, held in Lower Sioux reservation. geat turn out, many of the students had never shot a bow before. but the youth caight on fast as most native youth do. this is our second shoot in Lower Sioux. Thanks to Anh Dy Yung for holding the youth summit, many youth from the community participated and youth from the cities as well.  We will be sihning up teams starting in December. if you know of a native organization who would like to participate, Please contact us. 4th thru 9th Grade

                                                              Pidamaya do


Pine Ridge 

Wanblee viilage

Going Deeper into Pine Ridge. The Wanblee community, a small community who does not receive that much help. being as they are in a remote area, where alot of ministries and organizations just don't go. The Creator lead me to brother Cyrus Black Elk and his wife Tina a Family who helps the community any way they can. Tina is a school teacher at Crazy Horse Elementry School ther is 148 Students, We had 150 back packs full of school supplies. tangible evidence that we have a creator who Knows all, to Him I give all the Honor!



 2019  October Missions

Open Arms Native Missions

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Newtown revival meetings

What a great time we had in New Town! to Honor the Creator and make Music to honor Him! this was he first time in New Town, we usually play at the White Shield community. There is no Native Church in the Area so it was great to encourage our relations to Honor our Creator with testimony, music, and teaching. it was great turn out and I look forward to coming again, Thank you George and Winona Goodleft, for your caring heart for the community and to re-energize those who are in other communities. I thank the Creator, His Great Spirit and his son Yeshua