Holy Cross Church

serving the St. Croix Band of Ojibwe

Hertel WI.

2nd of 5 Christmas drop off

We were able to drop off at holy cross Church. the church Delores Mosay is Pastoring at. Delores went with us on our first mission. at the time Delores was searching for opportunities to serve her people, and that is what she started to do, through her faith and her will she has hew own church serving her community. We have been to Holy Cross church since it started dropping off donations and watching Delores grow and her church. we overloaded her with Toys, House hold needs, Gifts, Jackets, Clothes and more all brand new. We are happy to see Delores grow and we will continue to support her in any way we can.  The children of the volunteers who helped unload got a early Christmas Gift


Community Feeding and Covid Relief 

We have alot of faithful volunteers helping this month to make sure we can keep up with the needs. community feed every week right now we are handing out masks and hand sanatizer along with care packages for families who have been hit by Covid.. 


Many Nations - One Tribe ​

 2020 November December

Open Arms Native Missions

Open Arms Native Missions

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Due to the COVID pandemic that is of global proportions. We are limiting our traveling outreaches due to the risk of infection. We do not want anybody to contract the virus and we do not want to either.

Everybody try to limit your travels observe social distance, it makes a difference. God will protect us and He also gave us common sense. Stay safe!

Red Lake Band of Chippewa
Nov. 30th 
1st of 5 Christmas drop off

Praise Creator for His Provision, new clothes, toys, jackets, I am thankful to God, and the people he sent to support our Christmas Goal. We are going to 5 communities before Christmas. PTL Rock church located in Redby a community of the Red Lake Nation band of Chippewa. one of the last closed reservation. God is moving in these times. Native Missions first mission was to Red Lake and sent us to PTL Rock Church. Native Missions would Like to Honor the Gibbs Family and Pastor Josephine for their hearts and commitment to God and the community.