Newtown revival meetings

What a great time we had in New Town! to Honor the Creator and make Music to honor Him! this was he first time in New Town, we usually play at the White Shield community. There is no Native Church in the Area so it was great to encourage our relations to Honor our Creator with testimony, music, and teaching. it was great turn out and I look forward to coming again, Thank you George and Winona Goodleft, for your caring heart for the community and to re-energize those who are in other communities. I thank the Creator, His Great Spirit and his son Yeshua 


Community outreach

Saint Paul

This past month we have been focusing our efforts at Open Arms in St. Paul. We have been very fortunate and have been blessed with resources for those in need. we have hunger right here in the twin cities area.

We always need food to giveaway or gently used clothes, pillows, blankets. with winter coming we need all the jackets we can get



We have started the archery season, We honor our Creator by teaching our youth, not only archery skills, we also include Native American Values, History,Culture, it is a native american theme to our Archery shoots but it is the Dakota way to welcome everybody  not just Native youth but all youth, we use it to share about our culture, history, and share this with everybody, so everyone is welcome and great way to view history through Native  eyes. We will be holding a tournament at the end of the school year, for more info please contact us!

                                                              Pidamaya do


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