We have 2 Locations located at the Tiowakan, on the Shakopee Sioux Reservation and  our building Open Arms Native Missions located in St. Paul. We supply the needs of Native located in Minneapolis and St. Paul weekly.


May 18th 2022

Red Lake Mission

​Giveaway on the 19th

Archery League

Indian Education

It’s important to us to be as clear about what we do as possible. We are a 501c3 non Profit, We are Native Led and operated, We have experienced the hardships and the loss we as a people have endured. 

  We focus on building and restoring families. We hold Spiritual events and community giveaways as well as Archery events and camps to include the whole family. We build relationships with the community leadership and tribal government.

We travel to Native American Communities, We address the need for clothing, Food, living supplies. We hold Community events to deliver directly to the people. We have built relationships with tribal governments and orginzations on the Reservations we serve. we travel twice monthly

Upcoming events


Twin Cities, MN


May 7th 2022

Songs of the people

every 1st Saturday of the Month

​Hockatati Craft Show and Taco Sale April 29th and 30th

Red Lake Chippewa Reservation giveaway May 2022

Every 1st Saturday of the Month Songs of the people

Community Food Shelf                                  Every Thursday 4pm - 7pm

Oyate Meeting                                                 Every Thursday  6:30pm - 8pm

Tiowakan                                                          Every Sunday 11AM

Open Arms                                                       Every Sunday 2pm