Open  Arms Fellowship

1555 Jackson Street

St. Paul, MN. 55117

Open Arms Native Missions Sundays

Lets get together and worship the Lord, we will be holding a service every other Sunday, starts at 2pm


 Open Arms 1555 Jackson street 

Saint Paul, MN. 55117


Pine Ridge Distribution

​Oct 24th - 26th

We will be going on missions to Pine Ridge, to drop off supplies, food, clothing, jackets and more! If you have a donation please contact us. We always are looking for Jackets this time of year, If you have a lightly used Jacket,please drop off on Sundays 2pm - 3:30 pm

Native Missions Board Meeting

October 20th

We welcome all suggestions so please contact us with ideas, or needs.

Open Arms Native Missions

Open Arms Youth




Youth Meeting will be every Wednesday at 6pm. Youth meetings focus on being a Christian in today's world

Open Arms Native Missions

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Many Nations - One Tribe ​

Welcome Wednesday 

Open Arms

We will be starting new meetings, every Wednesday if you would like to help sort and remodeling we are looking for volunteers



Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community Tiowakan Spiritual Center Next to Mystic Lake

Bethany Church

6490 Stillwater Blvd N.

​Stillwater, MN. 55082