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I have experienced the difficulties I see in our Native communities today. I witness the cycle of addiction, abuse, no hope, and not knowing a better way of life. I had no spiritual connection and no identity as a Dakota and the creator we once honored, he showed me a better way of life, he gave me the need to bring help and hope to my people. The power of one life can change generations. I have experienced it and have witnessed many families restored both spiritually, mentally, physically, just by embracing our true identity taken away not so long ago. I want to bring positive permanent change, and help restore lives and making sure our people have warm clothes, blankets, pillows, food to feed the family.


With that desire in my heart, We travel to low income reservations in the Midwest and Northern Ontario. We are making a difference in our communities. I believe that by focusing and joining with  communities, we can make a real permanent, substantial impact. Through Awareness and through values lost to my people.


All of our volunteers are either Native American or has experience working with Native American families. Our goal is to educate and bring awareness to the growing number of early death due to the many struggles and historic trauma still being felt today

Fred Carroll

We're continually working hard to improve communities and build relationships inside of the community. If you're interested to see what we've been doing recently ( if you want to volunteer), check out our calendar

Healing through our true identity As First Nations People

Open Arms Native Missions

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Many Nations - One Tribe ​


Our Mission is to help bring change to our Native Communities, throughout the Midwest, and Ontario. We build strong relationships with the communities we serve. All supplies and donations gets distributed directly to community members