Open Arms Native Missions

Open Arms Native Missions

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Many Nations - One Tribe ​

Year 4 2019 Year to Remember

     Native Missions has been blessed in the year of 2019. First of all I give all the glory, praise, honor, worship, to the Creator of ALL everything that has transpired is His will and design, I thank His son Jesus for restoring my Life, Honor, and family. He has revealed many things and I have witnessed lives being changed and transformed, I am amazed every time. I am seeing change in our people, a hope, a way to be spiritual and lead a spiritual life as our people did not long ago. Going back to our ways of life and peace to escape the  grip of death that is all to familiar to the Native American peoples.

  We still are on our mission to deliver much needed food and supplies, but most importantly  to offer hope and help through our Creator! to heal the brokenness of a people.

Last year we received our 501c3 certification which opened up opportunities to better help the communities we work with. We started a Archery program to reach the youth and their parents and had our first Archery tournament! we had 27 archers and their families, was a great turnout. We also started giveaways on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South 

Dakota. We were able to do 4 giveaways in the year, working with the Oglala and Wanblee communities.

  We continue to grow, starting a community food and household needs giveaway weekly at our building in St. Paul Open Arms, 1555 Jackson street We also purchased a 20ft x 40ft tent to have meetings. Thank You to all our supporters, the SMSC community and thank you for the prayers and all the volunteers. 

As we move forward in this year 2020 We give all the honor to our Creator, his Great Spirit, and his Son Jesus.