Open Arms Native Mission      ​Year 3 2018

Open Arms Native Missions

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Many Nations - One Tribe ​

Just keeps growing! Thank You Creator for allowing us to serve you, to help bring back the things we values as Native American and Fist Nations. Help us to grow and work with all people. Thank you Creator, for your Great Spirit, and your Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth , who has a plan for the first people of this land.

   We see opposition in the places we go, we see hopelessness in the faces of the people, who do not know God, without our Creator who has been with  Native people for Millenia there is no hope, there is nothing to look forward to. Its a hard realization but that is what the majority of the people have no hope. with Less than 3% of Native Americans as a people group know the Savior. Why is that? It is because of how Jesus was presented to us as a people. Condemnation, Assimilation , and forcing us to live a life that is so foreign to us, we cannot adapt fast enough, and do we even want to adapt? W say no, let us hold on to our values as a people, Our Philosophies, our History, Our Gifts and enlightenment we have as a people. Not Religion, but lead a spiritual life with the Great Spirit, The Holy Ghost that is our hope.

2018 again was a great year! We have started a Archery program for the youth, delivered several tons of supplies and clothing, We have been keeping up with our Ministry in the Twin Cities, and many open doors to expand the kingdom, This year will be than same as 2018. Better than the year before. We have incorporated as a non-profit  and plan to move where God leads us

 I give you Honor my King! 

Open Arms Native Missions