Many Nations - One Tribe ​

Open Arms Native Missions

 2017 was a great Year. We were able to do 28 outreaches, 22 Native missions Saturday, 10 assists with other  brothers and sisters in Christ, Collected 32 trailer loads of clothes. Was blessed with a vehicle and a trailer Glory to God, we have seen hard times in Indian Country but we see something else! We see change starting to happen, a moving of the spirit. We have gained new Christ connections and strengthening our bond with other peoples who are on mission.

   We have witnessed spiritual healings and physical as well. We have seen the power of forgiveness and th effect of letting go of the anger and embrace our culture. How the creator molded us as people groups. I am witnessing Fathers stepping up and Mothers reunited with their children. I am seeing people from all walks of life joining together to make a difference.


Pray for direction for Native Missions. We have to be united and remember our weapons of warfare, Peace, Love, Forgiveness these are what we need To be a victor and not a victim. We need to fulfill our part in God’s great plan. What is your legacy going to be. I tell you the truth only He can set you free and Him Alone!  We as God’s children are at a crucial time, tomorrow is not promised Pray that 2018 will be of new beginnings in the hearts of the Native people, that we let go of the anger and bitterness. That we teach our young one to worship the creator Father God, His Great Spirit, and his Son Jesus Christ.

Open Arms Native Missions

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